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Bud and Barbara Snyder opened Spotsgard dry cleaners in 1968 in Aurora, Illinois.
The knowledge and experience that they gathered about spot removal, chemical usage, types of fabric and how each reacted to different kinds of chemicals has been very useful in helping build a successful carpet cleaning business.
Steamgard first started in 1972, beginning with a single portable machine and one crew.

In 1975,Steamgard became the first in the area to have a truck mounted unit.

In 1978, Brent Snyder (their son) joined the company.
With the power to do large jobs more efficiently and with much higher quality, Steamgard began to grow in both the residential and commercial fields.

In January 2006, Barbara Snyder passed away leaving Bud as the sole owner of Steamgard.
He continued to expand the company with the help of his son, Brent.

Bud passed away in March 2010.
Brent and his wife Sara will continue to grow the family business with the same focus on high quality and excellent customer service that has made Steamgard a success over the years.

In 2017, Dave Mattice joined the team as Brent went through a period of reorganization; In February of 2018 Dave joined up with Brent as a partner as we restarted the company and Steamgard Carpet and Upholstery LLC.

FACTOID:Daily vacuuming isn't enough to get dirt out of your carpet!