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What should I do before Steamgard arrives?

Remove small items from the top of any furniture that you want moved, dressers, tables, nightstands, etc.
Vacuum to make sure that there is not any large debris on the floor.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

3 to 5 hours drying time, depending on the airflow in the building.
Furniture will be blocked or padded as needed.

Why should I use entry mats?

Dirt will not come off on the hard floor, it will come off on the carpet.
You need something with a soft pile to absorb the moisture.
You should place entry mats inside the doorway and outside the doorway to trap the soil before it gets to the carpet.
A mat that is vinyl on the back and a soft pile carpet on the top is the best because the water will run off them when hosed off and the softer pile will absorb the dirt and moisture.

How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

Carpet should be cleaned once a year under normal conditions, twice a year in those areas that get excessive traffic.
The amount of dirt that is in the carpet is in direct relation with how your carpet is going to wear.
The more dirt and the longer the dirt is in the carpet the faster the carpet is going to wear.

How does dirt affect my carpet?

Dirt is abrasive. When walking on the carpet, you grind the dirt into the fiber.
The dirt will start to wear the fiber causing the carpet to mat down and show wear paths in the high traffic areas.
Dirt can also cause discoloring in the carpet. It will start to wear the dye in the carpet making it look faded or even darker in the worn areas, depending on the color of the carpeting.

Why choose steam cleaning over dry cleaning?

When you steam clean carpet, water comes in at a high pressure and high temperature making the cleaning chemical more effective and the heat decreases the drying time.
The water is put into the carpet and is immediately extracted, creating a flushing action, releasing the dirt.
When you dry clean, you are brushing the chemical in to the carpet, relying on a vacuum cleaner to get the chemical and dirt out of the carpet.
A vacuum cleaner is only 5% effective at its best leaving the chemical in the carpet to attract more dirt.

Years ago it was said that after you clean a carpet it would get dirty faster.

That is because, when they cleaned carpet, they used carpet shampoo or a dry chemical.
The chemical was left in the carpet attracting more dirt.

Why shouldn't I clean my own carpet?

The machines that you rent at the store are not as powerful as truck-mounted equipment.
You are relying on 15-amp circuit to power the machine.
The chemicals that you buy for the rental machines are not strong enough to get the job done.
The manufacturers could not get product liability insurance to cover the product.
Truck mounted machines are more powerful and efficient.
They have higher water temperatures and stronger vacuum, leaving the carpets cleaner and dryer.
By not getting the water out, you are not getting the dirt out, and you are leaving chemical in the carpet to attract soil.

Why should I use a carpet protector?

While most of the carpet manufacturers claim that the carpets are treated with stain resistor,
there is not really anything on the market that will resist liquid stains.
Whatever the carpet was treated with at the factory wore off in the first six months the carpet was used.
Steamgard uses Soilgard, which is a Teflon based protector. There are imperfections in the carpet fiber to which the dirt adheres.
The Soilgard will fill in the imperfections keeping the dirt toward the top of the fibers making your vacuum cleaner more effective.
This will keep the carpet cleaner 50% longer.

How do I remove allergens from my carpet?

Carpet attracts the pollen on your clothes from outside, the chemicals in the air from cooking, dust that filters through the furnace, etc.
A good, deep, steam cleaning will remove all of this from the carpet.
Removing the carpet will not remove airborn allergens. There is no way to keep this from happening, but, cleaning your carpets on a regular basis will keep it under control.

FACTOID: Your carpet can last 20 years - cleaning adds years to it's lifespan!